Zivix’s jamstik+ Now Teaches More Than 1,000 Popular Songs with New Musopia Partnership

Musopia is very happy to announce a new partnership with Zivix, the technology company and creator of the jamstik smart guitar. Both Musopia and Zivix share the mission to make music accessible to everyone. The collaboration adds full jamstik+ integration into the FourChords Guitar Karaoke app, and players learning to play guitar with the jamstik+ will now be able to learn more than 1000 popular songs in a simple, fun and interactive way.

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“Many of the jamstik+ users are first-time guitar players, and after they learn the basics and their first chords with our jamTutor app series, FourChords is the perfect next step for them to start playing their favorite songs,” said Matt Cannon, producer at Zivix LLC. “What’s better motivation to keep learning an instrument than playing your favorite songs?”

New technology provides interesting possibilities to accelerate the learning process, ” said Topi

Löppönen. By combining the new ways of learning chords with jamstik+ as well as new way of learning to play entire songs with FourChords, we can offer an incredibly fast track for users to play their favorite music in record time!

When playing the songs from the karaoke-style display of the FourChords app, the player will get real time feedback on his performance: jamstik+ smart guitar has a infrared light-sensing technology that “sees” the finger placement, among other useful features.

FourChords Guitar Karaoke app is available in iTunes App Store and Google Play for free. It has been featured by Apple and Google and liked by individual players and teachers alike. This summer Little Kids Rock, the national nonprofit dedicated to unlock children´s inner music makers, started a partnership with FourChords, offering it as a teaching tool for fast and fun learning.

Beginning in September 2015, customers who purchase a jamstik+ will receive a free 30 day VIP subscription to the FourChords App, included in the box ordered at retail or online.
More info on jamstik+: jamstik.com

The FourChords Android version is launched!

blogikuva02032015There has been alot of suggestions for the Android version since the launch of FourChords in iOS.
We are very happy to to announce that the Android version is ready now and launched in the Google Play Store! It´s available in the same 30 countries than the iOS version, except China.
Rock On, Anroid people! :)
Download the Android version here:

The first step in learning to play guitar: the Apple featured ChordShaker app

Musopia’s series of music apps, starting with FourChords Guitar Karaoke, are designed specifically to help everyone learn to play guitar easily and quickly ( and to inspire the Guitar Gods of tomorrow 😉


We´ve received feedback from the beginner guitarists that they love the idea of FourChords, but as they cannot strike any chords yet, they can´t get started with their playing.


So we started to develop an app that would be the first step to learn what to do with the guitar -that is being able to finger the individual chords. From learning initial chord finger positions to playing from the in-app song selections, players develop muscle memory for their fingers and then transfer their new skills to a real guitar.


Developing ChordShaker was super interesting, as it pushes the boundaries of the iPhone by using five simultaneous touch points on the screen allowing the player to hold it just like a real guitar neck to play the chords. In the end of the development -process we decided to add the “jam mode” so once players have learned the basics, ChordShaker then becomes a virtual guitar with its ‘jamming’ function helping fast track those guitar solos to perfection.


ChordShaker is designed as the first stage in Musopia’s guitar app series, where beginners learn the chords, then progress up to the next stage with the FourChords Guitar Karaoke where they learn to play over 800 hit songs with easy chords and lyrics.


Thank you for the feedback and keep the good ideas coming in – they are our inspiration and vitamin!

Here is a video with ChordShaker in action.

You can download it here for iPhone.

Learn To Play Day 2014 a resounding success!

Learn to Play Day

We’re very pleased to announce that our support for the national UK Learn To Play Day 2014 really helped aspiring guitarists ‘learn to play’. Our 10,000 song giveaway, featured at over 100 UK guitar and music stores, was snapped up within the first five hours of the event!

We’d like to thank Paul McManus, CEO from Music for All and organiser of Learn To Play Day and many others for all their support and guidance and we’re already looking forward to helping again in 2015!


FourChords gets featured on Apple App Store!


In addition to our success with the UK Learn To Play Day, we secured a long awaited feature within the Apple App Store globally. Discoverability on any app store is a developers biggest challenge, but with our recent features, FourChords downloads have gone up between 1,000 – 2000% across all markets (even in some markets we’ve never received downloads for!). So, here’s a big thank you to Apple as well.


Learn To Play Day UK embraces mobile technology with FourChords – we giveaway 10,000 songs

ltpdlogo2On Saturday 12th April 2014, the UK’s National Learn To Play Day returns to invite the general public to participating music stores and venues across the country to have a free “taster” lesson on a musical instrument.

This year, Learn To Play Day has teamed up with mobile guitar app FourChords, to give away 10,000 free songs to help budding guitarists play on the day.

Organised by Music for All, the charity of the UK musical instrument industry. Learn To Play Day works hand in hand with its partners, instrument manufacturers, music shops and other venues, celebrities, musicians and many more, to encourage everyone to join in this unique musical learning experience.

Paul McManus, CEO of Music for All and organiser of Learn To Play Day said; “Our goal is to inspire people to learn and enjoy musical instruments and having Musopia’s support with the 10,000 FourChords songs is a great opportunity to reach more aspiring musicians. Many consumers are using smart devices for leisure activities and now having the ability to help them learn an instrument through an app is a great fit for Learn To Play Day.”

The 10,000 song downloads will be available for free within the FourChords App from Learn To Play Day on the 12th April 2014 (only in UK). For more information, visit www.learntoplayday.com

Musopia Supports Urban Youth, Promoting Music for Life

As part of our mission to simplify music instruction and bring people together, Musopia is partnering with the music-based nonprofit organization Music for Life to support kids living in urban neighborhoods.

We are offering a recommended play list defined by Music for Life within FourChords Guitar Karaoke App, and for each download of a song from that playlist, we will make a donation to Music for Life.

We believe that an app like FourChords can be used for more than just having fun and learning to play guitar. With this program, the FourChords app can help raise money for a worthy cause too.

It’s a win-win for everyone. You receive a great song to learn, and at the same time provide the gift of music to a person in need, helping to foster a lifelong passion for music and a better life!

Music for Life is a nonprofit organization operating in the Washington DC area in the U.S. Their mission is to help children living in difficult conditions, such as poverty or dysfunctional families, so they can overcome adversity and grow up as happy, responsible members of their communities. They fulfill this mission by offering opportunities to grow and flourish, promoting education and teaching the children to express themselves in a fun and productive way by operating an after-school music and mentoring program in these communities. You can learn more about them at www.musicforlife.org.

Research shows a strong relationship between music education and a person’s success in life. In fact, kids involved in a quality music program tend to do better in school, are less inclined to engage in risky behavior and are more inclined to take advantage of positive opportunities made available to them.

Learning music is also an excellent release for stressful emotions that are not easily expressed in other ways. Music is particularly effective in today’s society because it appeals to kids of any age, gender, race, religion or cultural background. There are no stereotypes associated with who can learn to play.

You can support this important mission by downloading a song from the Music for Life play list in the FourChords App – available for free on the App Store: http://taps.io/OTQ4MzI.

JustinGuitar.com Offer Tutorials for FourChord users

Yess – super excited about this!!

We announced today a collaboration with one of the world´s leading online guitar instruction sites, JustinGuitar.com, to enhance support for beginning guitarists in the FourChords Guitar Karaoke app.

JustinGuitar´s Chord Tutorials offer instruction to FourChords’ users on how to play all 11 easy chords needed to perform the 250+ popular songs in the FourChords songbook. Guitar players using FourChords can find the video tutorials within the app, so they can easily learn how to play each chord while practicing the song without leaving the app. Justin Sandercoe´s video tutorials are well-known among guitarists worldwide, with more than 130 million YouTube views to date.

Justin is one of the best guitar coaches in the world, and it is great to be working with him. Many of us in the Musopia team have learned to play by his instructions so we know that he is the man to teach FourChords app users too. Combining Justin´s tutorial videos with the app creates a fusion of interpersonal teaching and the latest technology, so guitar players benefit from the best of both worlds.

Aspiring guitarists can now find everything they need to learn a substantial repertoire of contemporary songs in the FourChords app. The iOS app is designed to make playing guitar as easy as possible, replacing notes and tabs with a simple karaoke-style interface in which each chord is represented by its own icon along with the song lyrics. Songs are rearranged in simplified versions to be played with only a few easy chords. An acoustic backing track helps guitarists keep the beat, and the pace can be adjusted as needed.

More info about JustinGuitar.com

Justin Sandercoe created justinguitar.com nearly ten years ago and since then has had over 130 million views of his YouTube videos and receives over 25,000 unique visitors to his web site every day! Before teaching millions online, he taught in the flesh at The Guitar Institute in London and has written for Guitar Techniques and Total Guitar magazines. As well as teaching he plays in We Came As Strangers, previously played in the Katie Melua band and has worked with Cathy Dennis, Carla Bruni and many others. For more information and to check out over 600 completely free guitar lessons, please see www.justinguitar.com

Musopia Joins Forces With GAMA Industry Group







Musopia is supporting the guitar industry by joining the Guitar and Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA) for 2013.

The purpose of GAMA is to build a robust guitar industry through the promotion of guitar playing, and Musopia is working to further this objective as a member of the 80-year-old industry association. GAMA pursues its goal through the introduction of programs that support guitar education in schools. Through its support of GAMA, and with its educational music app offerings, Musopia is ensuring a strong market for guitar products for years to come.

We are very proud to be GAMA´s first app developer member. Many of the best guitar manufacturers are members as well so we are in a great company.

Our mission is the same as GAMA´s – we want to give people a better chance to enjoy making music. FourChords Guitar Karaoke app makes learning to play new songs easier than ever before, which keeps beginner guitarists motivated and having fun. The faster they can learn to play the songs they love, the more excited they are to learn more.

Musopia has received excellent feedback from classroom music teachers as well as private guitar instructors who use the FourChords app as a teaching tool. In fact, according to a Finnish Music Startups survey of people who play an instrument as a hobby, as many as two-thirds (68%) of the respondents reported using some kind of music software to assist them in singing or playing an instrument.
The music education revolution has started; the Internet and mobile technology are changing the way people are learning music.

We are very excited to be the first app developer member in GAMA, and we want to support music teachers to explore the possibilities of these new technologies in the classroom.

Guitar Chords and Lyrics – Bob Dylan – Knocking On Heavens Door

The guitar chords and lyrics to Bob Dylans Knocking on Heavens Door are really easy. The whole song follows more or less the same chord pattern and the lyrics are easy to remember. Our guitar teaching application has also the song in it. It helps beginners to lean how to play the song. One can for example adjust the tempo of the song. The application screen has all the guitar chords in it as well as the lyrics. Learning to play guitar has never been easier than this. Most of the easy guitar songs on the application are beginner friendly and lets the user for example change the tempo of the song. Learning how to play guitar songs with easy chords via. FourChords guitar karaoke application makes your learning experience fun and fast. The application also has the lyrics to the song.

You can find the free guitar karaoke application and the whole lesson with chords for Bob Dylan – Knocking On Heavens Door, from here http://taps.io/OTQ4MTY

Knockin On Heavens Door Lyrics

You can find the lyrics and chords for the song from the YouTube video below. For more songs and full versions of the chords, you should download the free application from the link above.

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