Musicians Have More Grey Matter

Music is all around us. It’s like electricity: we consume it daily, often without even noticing it. Yet there is certain magic in it: music has the power to consume, relax, turn on and energize. On the surface music is just a collection of sounds but there is more hidden underneath those notes. Music actually makes your brain work better!

Turns out, listening to an enjoyable tune can make you smarter, calmer and healthier. Though these benefits are higher if you play a musical instrument. Musician’s brains are said to be highly developed, with improved memory and attention level. People who play music also tend to be calmer and more playful.

Luckily, none of the above refers to the level of expertise, which means that even amateur musicians can reap these benefits. So if you were reluctant to pick up your guitar before, you should reconsider. In the end: wouldn’t you like to be that super-human with enhanced brains and larger grey matter?

We definitely would. If not for better brains, then for the pure joy of jamming with friends. Longer attention spam and improved intelligence are an added bonus.

Why don’t they tell this to us at schools or in music lessons? Possibly because the research is quite new, or because the findings have not been widely confirmed. Potentially because it’s a trade secret. Whatever the case, the situation should change.

If playing an instrument is so good for you, we should spread the word and encourage more people to do so. You don’t need a stage or years of experience: just take your guitar, invite some friends and jam. And if the neighbors come complaining – do them a favor and inform them that musicians have more grey matter!